EDIT (after airing): StateSide. NPR. My youngest son, in particular, always has stories about listening to it and how much he likes it. When the book first came out, my husband and oldest son had the idea of seeing whether or not we could manage an interview. I didn’t think so. But my husband sent the book off to be reviewed anyway. And one night around ten, I checked my email and there it was: an invitation to be interviewed on Stateside with Cynthia Canty‬. I was elated! And nervous! What if I flubbed? I am here to tell you that Cynthia Canty and her assistant Mercedes make it very easy. Mercedes walked me back to the studio room and introduced me to Cynthia who was very friendly and wore a cool green scarf. We sat down and she said, “Just pretend we are talking to each other.” I can talk, for sure. That would be no problem. Then she asked me what I had for breakfast. I was a bit puzzled but quickly realized she and her assistant were working with the sound system. From there it did feel as if we were talking, just talking. When she asked if I would read a small section, I was elated. Reading a section of my book on the radio was surely more than I expected. A terrific experience all the way!