Went to see my oldest son and his wife and their children today. We had a fine time. Jin, my daughter-in-law and I walked and exchanged stories about our overdoing the walking in the past and ending up with pain, pain, pain. But, the kids zoomed along on their scooters. Ken, my husband, and Son, the oldest walked behind us talking techy stuff. And, I was flooded with gratitude. Here were these people and we were connected. We love each other. However did that happen?

Marriage/Partnership is random. Staying together a real challenge often enough over the years. But parenting! Oh my heavens. You never ever know if you are taking the right course. And then what? They grow and become independent. You go to see them and you are grateful for their love, for their family, but you still can’t figure out how it all happened. Oh, you know well enough how they met each other. You remember going to the airport to get the baby from Vietnam. But still…

You are reminded that so much of life, parenting, loving is beyond is something we must see the way we watch a movie. We wait not at all knowing what the end will be.

I am glad for the story of our oldest son and his family, an end I could not have foreseen. But there it is!