The Photos That Didn’t Make The Book

These are photos that I intended to put into the book, but they did not make it. Each photo fits with the designated chapter.

You can see the scars left on Minh that were there for months after his arrival, the arrival of Anita, her devotion to Sung. The closeness the children experienced as small children was very real ( see the photo in the kitchen of the green house. The three of them are a unit.) That closeness still exists.

The house on the hill is the house we moved to when I fled from the green house. The Kinzua bridge picture shows the bridge we drove up to that remarkable Easter when Anita was pregnant. It collapsed in an intense storm. A new bridge replaces it.  I look at these pictures and my heart swells.

I want to go back and prevent those small children from so much grief and loss. But. If I did that, there would be no story. And we need stories. Pictures are memories. Stories are about  what is possible. Those children have done more than survive. They have thrived and I am grateful.